Data is your most valuable asset, but deriving value from your data can seem impossible. Equastat is not just another statistical company, we are a full stack analytic data science software company. Because we know each piece of the development stack (including analytics), we can ensure the integrity of your data from your big data all the way to your analysis and predictive models. We believe data and science beats intuition.


We love providing creative software, analytic and design solutions. Combining this with our academic and practical experience equals amazing results!


Solving difficult problems is a part of our DNA. We take time to understand your organization and create custom solutions for your unique and challenging problems.


We believe in building strong relationships by taking the time to get to know you and your organization. This personal attention results in better software, data and design.

Our Team

Tom is Founder of Equastat. His expertise includes Measurement/Survey Development and Validation, Predictive Modeling, and interactive web app development. He leads the team to not only develop accurate predictive models through the use of simulation, statistical machine learning, optimization methods, and high powered big data cloud computing, but to also help organizations and businesses align their objectives with the predictive results and take action. Tom was previously an Associate Professor at Eastern Michigan University providing statistical and methodological support for grants, research projects and academic publications. He earned his PhD in Applied Statistics and Measurement with degrees from University of Wisconsin-Madison and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, where he met Dan.

Dan is a Senior Statistician at Equastat. He is an Associate Professor of Statistics and Director of the Statistical Consulting Center in the College of Business at the University of Texas at San Antonio. He has provided research and statistical support for multi-million dollar grants and has worked as a consulting statistician for wide variety of organizations and businesses. Dan has extensive experience in Measurement/Survey Development and Validation, Factor Analysis, Structural Equation Modeling, Multilevel Modeling, Predictive Modeling and Causal Inference, with his academic publications having been cited over 400 times. He earned his Ph.D. in Applied Statistics and Measurement from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Reino is Senior Data Scientist at Equastat. He is a true Data Scientist as he has spent time working as statistics researcher, adjunct lecturer of statistics, database intern, statistical programmer, and psychology experimental researcher, thus his experience ranges from programming to experimental design. He also has intimate knowledge of the development and analytic stack, including the integration of big data and real-time analytics. Reino's statistical expertise includes Nonparametric Methods, Robust Statistics, Bootstrapping, Monte Carlo Simulations, Machine Learning, Forecasting, Predictive Modeling, Survival Analysis, and Time Series. Reino is a graduate of Eastern Michigan with undergraduate and graduate degrees in Physics, Mathematics, and Experimental Psychology, where he met Tom.

James is a Lead Software Engineer and Developer at Equastat where he guides and implements the planning and development of our analytic software products. He is comfortable anywhere in the development stack and with a variety of software and data science development tools. James has been lead developer on a variety projects for such organizations as GE Healthcare, Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Nestle and Hunger Task Force. He received a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and his Master’s in Mathematics, Statistics, and Computer Science from Marquette University. James and Tom met in Milwaukee through their shared passion for data science and software development.

How Equastat Works

Today more than ever organizations need to be software, design and data driven. In the last few years, a large emphasis has been placed on brute force modeling and software development using black-box approaches to inch out slight improvements. Using science, data and beautiful design, our team has specialized skills to provide uniquely creative solutions that make it easy for clients’ with diverse backgrounds to answer their most pressing questions

Our process is designed to harness new…

… technological, methodological and analytical advancements in data science to connect our clients’ to the stories their data is trying to tell. We believe that by taking a special interest in understanding and utilizing contextual subtleties in our analysis, we are more fully able to provide our clients with accurate, relevant, and useful information relevant to the problems they are trying to solve.