Hunger Task Force

Our Approach

By planning together with program personnel and community site volunteers we were able to design a web application that leverages existing data and provides an interface for easy entry and reporting. This meant taking their paper system and combining it with their legacy software to create a single easy to use and modern interactive web application.

Bootstrap provides the application with a responsive design suitable for use on a wide variety of computers and mobile devices. The user interface is optimized for ease of use in what our analysis identified as the typical workflow for community site coordinators and program administration.


Features of note include:

  • Multi-layer user authentication and authorization with audit trail
  • Community site and global search capabilities
  • Convenient multiple-entry distribution forms with validation
  • Client registration
  • Custom reporting functionality, that is used to generate documentation required for state and federal compliance.


The application leverages existing data on the Microsoft SQL Server platform to maintain backwards compatibility with other software. Built using the latest ASP.NET MVC Framework with the C# language and Twitter Bootstrap CSS with HTML5, the application makes the best use of current technologies to provide performance and insure future maintainability.