Data is your most valuable asset, but deriving value from your data can seem impossible. Equastat is not just another statistical company, we are a full stack analytic data science software company. Because we know each piece of the development stack (including analytics), we can ensure the integrity of your data from your big data all the way to your analysis and predictive models. We believe data and science beats intuition.

Our Team

How Equastat Works

Today more than ever organizations need to be software, design and data driven. In the last few years, a large emphasis has been placed on brute force modeling and software development using black-box approaches to inch out slight improvements. Using science, data and beautiful design, our team has specialized skills to provide uniquely creative solutions that make it easy for clients’ with diverse backgrounds to answer their most pressing questions

Our process is designed to harness new…

… technological, methodological and analytical advancements in data science to connect our clients’ to the stories their data is trying to tell. We believe that by taking a special interest in understanding and utilizing contextual subtleties in our analysis, we are more fully able to provide our clients with accurate, relevant, and useful information relevant to the problems they are trying to solve.