Survey Development & Validation

Survey/scale development and validation are necessary, but often overlooked, step in getting accurate data to answer your questions. A poorly conceived survey/scale can lead to inaccurate results and inferences. For example, because each generation buys differently, it is important that you make sure you advertise and sell to them differently. Millennials or Generation Y rely much more on the opinions of strangers (e.g., online product ratings) than Baby Boomers. Thus, it is essential that your organization develops an appropriate survey to target your customers, and to analyze the data correctly and efficiently so that important questions are answered about your customers. Creating valid and reliable surveys/scales to assess the important constructs and variables is a specialty of Equastat. We have years of experience in survey design, dissemination and analysis, so let us help you uncover important information.


We can help you build the survey/scale you need and help you decide on:

Example survey/scale development techniques matching our expertise: